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Learn Blues Rhythm Guitar by Rock Like The Pros

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Entwickler Terry Carter

Do you love the Blues and wonder how guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix are such great rhythm players? Playing rhythm guitar is the most important aspect of being a great blues guitar player. Being able to keep a funky and greasy groove will not only make everyone around you sound better, but it will help you become a better lead player. How will it help your lead playing? Lead guitar is all about the right hand (left hand if youre left handed) or your picking hand. Thats right, its not about how fast your fretting fingers can glide across the fretboard. Take a second and watch all the greats, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, and Muddy Waters. They all have incredible right hands (strumming hands). They play smoothly, light, and effortlessly and this is because of the strength of their right hand.

Learn Blues Rhythm Guitar APP by Rock Like The Pros will help develop the right hand ability that you have always dreamed of. You will learn how to play loose, free, and in the pocket. You will develop better pick technique and control as you glide over the strings. With this APP you will be able to play only the strings you want to play and avoid hitting any of those "bad" notes that ring out. You will start sounding more professional as you learn a bag of rhythmic tricks that will get you through any playing situation. Be ready when youre up on the stage and the band leader is calling blues in the keys of E, G, A, Bb, C or any other of the 12 keys. Know what a quick change is? You will. How about when youre asked to play a blues shuffle, straight 1/8s, Funky blues, country blues, Johnny Cash style blues, Jump Blues, Jazz Blues, or Minor Blues? Do you have the repertoire to be able to emulate these styles quickly and convincingly? You will!

Learn Blues Rhythm Guitar APP by Rock Like The Pros will take you through Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert levels of playing. In each level you will devour numerous styles of blues in different keys, tempos and feels. Have you wondered how B.B. King plays songs like "The Thrill Is Gone" or Hendrix plays "The Killing Floor" or Wes Montgomery plays a Jazz Blues, or Johnny Cash plays "Folsom Prison Blues?" Your time has come to master all these different styles.

Do you think it may be too hard? Each lesson is carefully crafted and taught with you in mind. Terry Carter leads you step by step through each style and shows you exactly how to finger and strum each chord. Each video is shoot with 3 Sony HD cameras to clearly show you step by step instruction.

Maybe youre saying "videos are great but sometimes I need to see the TAB." No Problem. Each lesson shows the notation and TAB for easy viewing. Each lesson can be made full screen and you can zoom in to see exactly what is being played. All the TAB files are done in Finale computer notation software to make the charts easy to see and read. Chord diagrams also accompany the TAB so you can easily grab the necessary harmony.

Are you one that says, "Rhythm guitar is cool but lead guitar is awesome." Playing lead guitar is great but do you know that as guitar players we will spend 95% of our time playing rhythm? Thats right. Think about it, most guitar players will get a chorus or two to show off their chops but the rest of the time we are playing rhythm to add support to the singer or soloist such as a horn player or piano player. It is of utmost importance that we have the ability to lock in with the drummer and the bass player and supply a solid foundation for the song.

Have you noticed how easy it is to solo when the groove is tight? Its like your fingers just dance over the notes. Well that is what we need to do for others in the band. Not only will your band members appreciate it but your audience will be on their feet going wild as they cheer and go wild with the band.

Your time is now. Download Learn Blues Rhythm Guitar by Rock Like The Pros and get started TODAY.